Is Your Blog and/or Website Legal?

Do you own a website and/or blog? Is it legal? What will you do if presented with a lawsuit? Scary questions I know, but these are things one must consider when owning a website. I don’t know about you, but I rather not give anyone loopholes in terms of my business. A quick google search will tell you, there are laws in place to protect individuals and their civil rights. Your website needs to have the correct legal pages, showing you are compliant with these laws.

I will admit to not knowing much about the laws and regulations for owning a blog and website. Thankfully, Amira, a lawyer at ASelfGuru is humble enough to share her expert opinion with us on how we can protect our online business. Amira offers the use of legal templates, put together by her, to help protect us! I don’t think you heard me right. An actual lawyer has put together legal templates to protect your blog and/or website! Isn’t that awesome! I sure think so!

I rest easy knowing my blog is compliant with the law. Amira has made it so easy for us. She guides us with step-by-step instructions leaving NO room for confusion. Twenty to thirty minutes is all it takes for your website to be legally compliant. If your blog and/or website are missing a private policy, terms and conditions, or a disclaimers page, you could run into legal problems.

Do not leave any loopholes in your online business. Play it safe. These legal templates are super easy to read. You will rest comfortably knowing you are covered! Protect yourself and get your legal templates now!

This post contains affiliate links. If any purchases are made using affiliate links, I receive a small commission.

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