There is POWER in his name!

Hello friends! I hope that as I write this post you all are in good health and living life to the best of your abilities as we patiently await our savior’s return. From here on out if you choose to continue this journey with me, you will see me refer to our Lord and savior as Melech Yeshua Hamashiach (King Yeshua The Anointed One). This is the Hebrew name that was given to our savior by the Most High. Since there is power in his name, I believe this is what we should call him. Keeping in mind that I am no expert and independent research is a must! I am but a lowly soul, wishing to build my inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven. Which by the way, is not of this world (John 18:36).

My name is one that most people pronounce incorrectly. Not Toni, that is a nickname. Well, when someone says my name incorrectly, I know that person does not know me personally however I will still answer them. Now if someone claims to know me and continues to say my name incorrectly, I may get offended, because at some point you should have taken the time to know me, then again, if I do not correct you, how will you know?

Our ways are not God’s ways, he is not flesh and blood. As to not steer you wrong, I greatly encourage you to seek God for yourself. Be Blessed and be encouraged. The King is coming soon!

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