It’s been a while!

It has been so long since I’ve blogged. In all honesty, I’m excited about getting back to it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue blogging. Consistency is a part of my shadow work. Nevertheless, here I am, ready to write!
I started my blog about a year ago. At first, I had all hopes for writing whatever I felt, even if that meant dabbling in situations that may be a bit personal, but my blog ended up being what I thought people wanted to read. I tried to make myself sound presentable, afraid of anyone knowing the real me. Truthfully this is the way I’ve presented myself my whole life. Never really being my authentic self in hopes of being accepted. Only to never be accepted.
Putting on an act for so long caused me to burn out. I almost compromised my mental health. I thought being what everyone expected of me would secure me some unknown spot in society, but it left me surrounded by fake family and friends.
These past few months, I’ve taken time to heal and get to know myself. The REAL me, not some washed-up version. Although my journey is incomplete, because growth is a lifelong process, I feel ready to start living again. I’m removing the ridiculous social standards I’ve lived by since my youth. You know, the ones that tell you how you should behave? What is and isn’t acceptable? I’m replacing them with the flow of life because life isn’t predictable!
I look forward to presenting a more authenticated version of myself, blogging, and just living life. Life is tough enough on its own. We don’t need man-made rules causing any more strife!

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