A Poem: Dramatic

When the mental anguish becomes too great, what shall I do? I’ve lost my sparkle, the thing that excites me. My ambitions – my talents, have gone to waste. I no longer know what it is to hope – to dream. All washed away by the reality of life. This is where I am, too many heartbreaks to feel loved. Too many betrayals to trust again. What shall I do?
Every day I’m reminded of things I wish to let go. The host is different, but the entity is the same. Controlling the movements and actions of the host, down to the way they speak. It always finds me. Always lurking, always plotting, and always desiring to see me fail.
Too stubborn to admit their condition. They justify their actions with a traumatic memory they’ve been bitterly holding onto for years. If they ever thought to change, that old entity would scratch and claw until the pain caused them to give up. Could we be more clueless?
Then there’s that thing called perfection. Which none of us can achieve – though we try and how we look down on anyone whose thinking differs from ours. Besides, you told me to be quiet. You told me not to speak. And I didn’t. For a long time, I did what you expected of me. I can not hold my voice inside anymore. I need understanding.
The mental anguish is just too great to bear. I must share my story, even the parts you don’t want to hear. I must show you yourself. I must.

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