The Last One

“Last but not least, it’s your turn, little one. Are you ready for your new life on earth? We’ve picked the perfect family for you. Ah, why the long face? I see. Did you think because we called you last, you weren’t special? You saw everyone else going before you and thought we’d forgotten about you, didn’t you? Forgive me for chuckling, little one, you have not been forgotten. You are our chosen one your journey will be much more different than the rest. I’ll tell you a secret we are going to hide you. You won’t look like the chosen one, you won’t feel like it either, but we are only doing this to protect you. There are some very evil spirits on earth they will begin attacking you as soon as you enter your mother’s womb. Don’t worry, little one, you are divine. You’re going to be protected by our greatest warriors. They will not allow any physical harm to come to you. I guarantee you that. 

“Although, you will suffer quite a bit. Those evil spirits I warned you about will use people against you, even those closest to you. They want bad things to happen to you. They will desire to see you fail. They’ll speak curses over you to see their desires fulfilled. They’ll send you subliminal messages in hopes it will be a dagger of doubt in your heart. They hope to seize and cease the plans we have for you. Your efforts to achieve greatness will be like offensive words to some. 

“They will be mean, they will be cruel, and they will be bitter. For this, they will fail, you will win! Do you know the beauty of it all? You won’t have to lift a finger. They will fall on their sword! We are going to use their evil deeds against them, little one. You will come out unharmed. That is what we are going to do for you. It will take some time, but you will win. Be encouraged, little one. We are greater than them. Now go and live your life. Do what you were called to do. Love, little one! Be love!”   

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